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In order to qualify for an advert, you must:

1) agree to the terms & conditions
2) pay via paypal*
{this allows a credit/debit card
3) adverts are charged monthy,
so you must keep up with
payments to keep your advert

Please think about whether you
require our advert design service.

PRICING {prices applicable to
individual adverts}:-
ADVERT: £9.99/Month

ADVERT (pre-order 3 months):
£22.99 {saving of £6.98}

ADVERT: (pre-order 6 months):
£39.99 {saving of £19.95}

(one off fee)

*once your application is accepted, we will request the payment funds
by a paypal e-mail invoice. This also applies to recurring payments for
the next month.

The first month of service begins when the advert first appears on our site (this allows for if payment
has been made already but there is a delay due to advert design time).

Customers who use our service for 3 months qualify for a 5% discount on future advertising orders.
Customers who use our service for 6 months qualify for a 10% discount on future advertising orders.
Both of the above apply to consecutive months of ordering (without gaps in service).

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Welcome to our advertising programme: UK & USA applicants are welcome.

Please fill in this form if you wish to have your advert placed on our website.

Please tell us anything relevant; about you, your company (if applicable) and about what
you would like to advertise. Note: we reserve the right to reject applications.

Our advertising scheme works on a rotation basis. You will find that your advert will appear
often (several times every minute), amongst other advertisements. Your advert will contain
a hyperlink back to your chosen website address.

We receive a high volume of visitors to this site, so there is a high likelihood that you will
receive visitors referred by clicks from your advertisement on our website.